Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes and Special occasion cakes in Brisbane.


Chocolate ganache

It is a mixture of chocolate and cream that is melted together to make a smooth paste. It can then be piped and spread to decorate a cake. Flavour can be added to give it extra depth.

Chocolate butter cream

Ganache whipped up with butter to give it a nice light texture. If using white ganache colour can be added.

Italian meringue

A meringue made with boiled sugar to cook the egg whites to give it a longer shelf life.

Vanilla butter cream

A mixture of Italian meringue, butter and a hint of vanilla. This makes for a smooth butter cream without the gritty taste of icing sugar. This can be coloured and flavoured.

Cream cheese icing

Philadelphia cream cheese blended together with icing sugar, butter and lemon. This makes for a refreshing taste which is a nice addition to the carrot, hummingbird or red velvet cakes.

Cake Flavours

Mud cake

A rich and dense  chocolate cake made with the best quality ingredients. This comes in dark and white chocolate. It can be flavoured which ever way you like.

Chocolate sour cream cake

A moist chocolate cake made with 100% cocoa powder and sour cream. It goes well with white or dark chocolate ganache, white or dark chocolate butter cream or cream cheese icing.

Red velvet cake

A cake made with cocoa powder, butter milk and vanilla. Red colour is added to give it a rich red look. Cream cheese icing compliments this cake well. An American favourite.

Couverture chocolate

This chocolate is made from 100% cocoa beans. It has no added vegetable fats and is the best quality chocolate on the market.

Chocolate Decorations

Standard chocolate decorations

A hand made chocolate decoration to finish a cake. Usually piped in white or dark chocolate to complement your cake. 

Coloured chocolate decorations

As above. Can be done in a required colour. This type of decoration can also be cut into a required shape where different colours are blended together.

Chocolate roses

A chocolate modelling paste in dark, white or required colour. Handcrafted into stunning roses.

Chocolate panels

Shards of chocolate around a cake in one or multiple colours.

Chocolate plaque

A hand written message on a shard of chocolate. Colour will depend on the cake.

Chocolate curls

Chocolate curled in the shape of a tulip. They can come in various sizes.

Dutch Specialities

Traditional Dutch apple pie

A deep dish apple pie made with a special butter pastry filled with fresh Granny Smith apples, cinnamon, sultanas and some secret ingredients to make it a traditional Dutch treat. Great to have with a cup of coffee or tea.

Almond paste

A Dutch tradition. A mixture of ground almonds, sugar, eggs and lemon zest. This paste is used as a filling for various biscuits.


A very rich melt in the mouth butter biscuit. Can also be filled with almond paste.

Gevulde koek

Two layers of butter shortbread pastry filled with almond paste and traditionally finished with an almond on the top. A biscuit that fills you up but oh so tasty.